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TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner

TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner is a fat burner that’s marketed in a similar way to 4 Gauge

Both are powder-type supplements that have creative, red packaging.

They are also both primarily aimed at individuals who are more athletic than most, such as bodybuilders and other people who like to train hard.

The big difference, as far as the appearance goes, is TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner comes is a tub that mimics a stick of explosive. 4 Gauge has a tub that looks like a red shotgun cartridge.


So who came up this, type of explosive marketing campaign first? That’s actually hard to say.

TNT Fat Burner

However, the company behind 4 Gauge, Roar Ambition, has been in business a little longer than the company responsible for TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner.

The other big difference between the two products is TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner is, first and foremost, a fat burner, but it can also be used as a pre-workout supplement.

It’s the other way around with 4 Gauge.

It’s primarily intended to function as a pre-workout, but boasts additional value as a fat burner.

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Will TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner really help you to such “explosive results” you will be able to “blow away the competition” in the promised way?

Let’s take a closer look at the product and company behind it and see if buying TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner is likely to be a good investment to make.

Who Makes TNT Fat Burner?

It’s hard to find out anything about the company behind TNT Fat Burner.

The official website does not provide any information at all and lacks an “About Us” page, but the footer suggests the business name is TNT Supplements.

The enterprise appears to be based in the UK, but there is no company with that name registered at Companies House.

Companies House does provide a listing for a company called TNT Supplements and Nutrition Ltd. However, the companies registered address is, and always has been, in Bristol.

The address shown on the TNT website is in Gloucestershire. Strangely, the Terms and Conditions page on the TNT Supplements website, suggests writing to a totally different address to the one shown elsewhere on the site.

The address shown on the Terms and Conditions page is also in Gloucester, but marked care of Premium Leisure Distribution Ltd. According to Companies House, Premium Leisure Distribution’s registered office is in Bristol, not Gloucestershire.

That’s revealing. It shares the same address as TNT Supplements and Nutrition Ltd, so it appears the two companies may be one and the same.

Premium Leisure Distribution has been trading since 2012. TNT Supplements and Nutrition was first registered in 2015.

As for the mailing address provided on the TNT Supplements Terms and Conditions page, it is not unique. A diet supplement company also has the same address hidden on its terms and conditions page.

A company that supplies vaping products uses the address as well.

If there is a take-home point, it’s this: there’s a lot of smoke and mirrors going on.

There is no easy way to identify the company behind TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner. As for the company’s credentials as a supplement supplier, that’s a mystery too.

TNT Strong to the Core Benefits

When you cast aside the rest of the hype, the main claim is the product will provide “unrivaled fat burning and weight loss potential.”

This will help you to “chisel out a new you.”

TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner Ingredient Profile

One of the good things about this product is a full list of ingredients is available. Better still, all the inclusion rates are there to see as well.

However, it reveals the formulation contains several stimulants. That’s never a good thing to see.

Each 2-capsule serving provides:

  • Phytofare 10:1 (400 mg)
  • Ginger Root 20:1 (400mg)
  • Tetradecylthioacetic Acid (350 mg)
  • Citrus Aurantium (300 mg)

Leanacore  (320 mg)

  • Caffeine (240 mg)
  • Camellia Assamica (80 mg)


  • Pantoghenic Acid (Vitamin B5) (6 mg)
  • Pyridoxine (Vitamin B6) (1.5 mg)
  • Thiamine (Vitamin B1) (1.2 mg)
  • Biotin (Vitamin B7) (300 ug)
  • Cobalamin (Vitamin B12) (250 ug)

As you can see, two of the ingredients (Leanacore + VitaFive) are proprietary blends. However, in this case, all the individual ingredients in the blends, along with their inclusion rates, are plain to see.

TNT Fat Burner in Detail (What the Ingredients Do)

Phytofare 10:1

Phytofare is a patented green tea extract. It’s allegedly more potent than other forms of green tea.

However, if that’s really the case it seems strange that you can’t find it in any of the leading fat burning supplements.

Green tea, in any form, is always a good addition to a fat burning product though.

There’s plenty of research to show it’s a fat burner that works.

It’s actually been shown capable of increasing energy expenditure and fat oxidation for up to 24-hours at a time.

However, this is a 10:1 extract that’s concentrated to 10 times normal strength. That means the 400 mg dose is the equivalent to 4,000 mg of normal-strength extract.

The fat burning effect of green tea mainly comes from catechins (antioxidants), but it’s also a source of caffeine.

Caffeine is good for boosting energy and it’s a fat burner too. However, it’s a powerful stimulant and overly high doses are unwise.

Ginger Root Extract 20:1

This is another concentrate. In this case, the 400 mg dose is the equivalent of an 8,000 mg dose. That’s 8 grams, but it’s unlikely to cause issue.

Ginger is a good, natural ingredient that aids digestion, fights inflammation, and offers many other health benefits besides.

Tetradecylthioacetic Acid

An Omega-3 fatty acid. It’s been added here to help the body get energy from it’s fat. Will it actually do this? There’s no proof either way.

However, research on rats suggests it may have anti-obesity capabilities. Unfortunately, research involving humans shows mixed results.


Leanacore is a branded ingredient that consists of caffeine and camellia assamica.

The 320 mg dose of Leanacore provides 240 mg of caffeine and 80 mg of camellia assamica.

To put the caffeine content into perspective, you’re looking at an amount that’s similar to what you would get by drinking two-and-a-half cups of coffee. That’s quite a lot to hit the body with all at once.

Camellia assamica is a type of tea. The TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner marketing material states, it’s presence in Leanacore dampens the negative aspects of caffeine. It makes the ingredient sound like the next big thing.

Unfortunately, I was unable to find out anything about the ingredient at all or any proof that it works. In fact, from what I can see, the company that makes TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner is the only company that uses it so perhaps it’s one of their own.

Citrus Aurantium

This ingredient also goes by the name Bitter Orange. It comes from a species of citrus fruit.

The active compound is a stimulant called synephrine. It boosts energy and helps the body to burn fat.

Three hundred milligrams is a high dose. So high it’s scary. Especially when the ingredient is being combined with other stimulants.


L-Tyrosine is an amino acid. The body uses it to build muscle. It boosts mental alertness as well. That’s one of several reasons why it’s become a popular nootropic supplement ingredient.

Another reason is research shows it may improve memory function.

Coleus Forskolin

A plant extract that boasts many virtues. One of the things it does is improve circulation by providing vasodilation.

It comes from the plant Coleus Forskoholii. Extracts are often included in sports supplements because it allows the muscle to get extra oxygen and nutrients from the blood.

In so doing, it can help people to train harder and get better results.

Stearoyl Vanillamide

A derivative of capsaicin. At best, it’s an experimental ingredient. Although the normal capsaicin, present in red peppers, has proven fat burning capabilities, Stearoyl Vanillamide does not.

There are no human studies, but research shows it has the ability to make mice swim faster.


A high-quality black pepper extract that provides piperine.

Piperine is an alkaloid that aids the absorption of other ingredients, helping them to work faster.

Normally that’s a good thing. In a stimulant-rich formulation such as this, that may not be the case.


This basically a branded Vitamin B complex.

B Vitamins have many virtues. One of the main things they do is help the body extract energy from food. For that reason, B Vitamins are common inclusions in energy drink formulations.

TNT Fat Burner Dosage and Usage Guidelines

TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner is meant to be used in conjunction with diet and exercise.

For best results, the manufacturer suggests taking one to two capsules 60 minutes before breakfast, with a large glass of water. The dose is repeated 60 minutes before eating the evening meal.

The second dose needs to be at least four hours before going to bed because the product has the potential to interfere with sleep.

The label suggests customers should consider two capsules the normal dose, but new users should stick with the lower dose for the first week.

Apparently “serious gym users” can take one to two capsules 60 minutes prior to working out. Unfortunately, the guidelines fail to make it clear if this is in addition to the other two doses.

Due to the amount of stimulants involved, anyone using TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner as a pre-workout supplement may be best sticking to just two doses per day and timing one of them accordingly.

The usage guidelines also advise tested athletes to check with their federation before using the product.

TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner Customer Reviews

There aren’t a lot of customer reviews available. In fact, Amazon is pretty much the only place to go. Very similar to the approach of Burn XT – another Amazon favorite.

Overall, feedback from the Amazon community is pretty good. Unfortunately, a lot of it has been left by reviewers that were given free products.

It has been suggested there are a lot of fake reviews. There is no way to check this out. However, it’s always strange when people leave 5-star reviews before they’ve even fully tested a product.

When you see a review like that, you need to ask yourself what was the real motivation behind it.

TNT Fat Burner reviews
TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner reviews from customers

TNT Fat Burner Side Effects

The manufacturer does not mention if any side effects have been reported. However, the product information page points out the formulation is unsuitable for stimulant sensitive individuals.

Let’s not forget there are several stimulants in the formulation, in quite high doses.

This could make for a volatile mix, so anyone thinking of using this particular fat burner would be wise to check with their doctor first.

Does TNT Strong to the Core Work?

TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner is marketed as a powerful fat burner. In that regard, it’s never going to be one of the best.

Like a lot of other fat burners, it relies far too much on stimulants to help deliver the promised results.

As a pre-workout, all those stimulants may give it greater potential. Especially alongside the presence of so many B Vitamins. Again though, there are other supplements that will function better in this regard.

By giving away free samples, the manufacturer has managed to “prime” a few reviews. However, some of them suggest it may deliver more of a fizzle than a bang.

All things considered, as supplement reviewer, I can’t say this one blows me away.

Where to Buy TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner

There are several ways to obtain this product, but all the suppliers appear to be based in the UK.

The first option is to buy it directly from the TNT Supplements website.  At the time of this review, the cost was £33.99 per tub.

Buying from Holland & Barrett was another option, but the cost per tub was closer to £50. Goldstar Supplements and Amazon UK were two further options and, in both cases, the price per tub was less than £30.

Although shipping costs are generally waived for delivery to addresses in the UK, international customers are looking at paying extra charges on top.

There are 120 capsules per tub. That’s 60 servings so anyone using the recommended dose of two servings per day should have enough pills to last for 30 days.

As far as the price goes, TNT Strong to the Core Fat Burner will be cheaper than most competing products so, in that way, it’s okay.

However, if it fails to deliver the goods customers can watch their money go up in smoke because there is no money back guarantee from TNT Fat Burner Strong to the Core.

Similar Fat Burners to TNT Strong to the Core

  • Razalean is fat burner that is suitable for men and women and can users burn fat.
  • PhenQ is an industry standard fat burning supplement that can also suppress appetite.
  • Vintage Burn has a large male customer base and used to cut body fat.

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