Discover how DNA can Affect your Health Including Weight, Fertility and Wellbeing

Molecular Genealogy is the application of DNA to traditional genealogical research. Is our health pre-defined? If you are obese are your genes dictating? Is fertility pre-determined?

Why Molecular Genealogy?

Molecular Genealogy (also called “Genetic Genealogy”) is the application of DNA to traditional genealogical research. 

Genealogical research can help discover who we really are and determine our health and help us combat obesity, fertility and fitness issues.

Molecular Genealogy can help break through those barriers by using what is written in our DNA to help us uncover and unlock the the key to healthier life.

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Understanding DNA

DNA encodes the complete genetic blueprint of human beings. It’s what makes the billions of people on the planet unique, yet at the same time, genetically similar to their parents and ancestors.


Y-DNA is a type of DNA that is only carried by men, who inherit it from their fathers. This means that males with a common paternal ancestor have similar Y-DNA.


mtDNA is a type of DNA carried by both males and females, but is only inherited from the mother. This makes mtDNA useful for tracing one’s direct maternal line.

Autosomal DNA

Autosomal DNA is the type of DNA responsible for most physical characteristics, such as height, eye color, etc. Autosomal DNA is inherited by sons and daughters from both parents.

“There is no more fascinating subject in which a person may become occupied than an examination into the history of his ancestry.”

Archibald F. Bennett

Success stories

Discovering an exact match on the Molecular Genealogy Foundation’s newly released online mtDNA-ancestry database helps amateur genealogist learn her likely overseas region of origin and surnames, a result unthinkable only a few years ago.

The Little family of southeastern Georgia had a long tradition of having roots in Scotland, though traditional genealogical records were unable to prove the case. They have now been able to push their respective ancestries back to the Borders region of Scotland.

Martin Marshall’s ancestral quest led him to discover that his father was not the one listed on his birth certificate, and ended with new family connections. Molecular genealogy made it possible, and is now helping Martin locate other living relatives.

Abandoned, homeless or lost children in South Africa struggle to stay out of trouble and accomplish something positive in their lives. Where other methods have failed, the Johannesburg Applied Ancestry Program helps them find their families through the powerful combination of genetics and genealogy.

Y-Chromosome DNA

Mitochondrial DNA

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