Powher Pre Workout for Women – More Intense Workouts & Faster Fat Loss

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Workout for longer and with more intensity. Powher is a supplement designed for women. Find out what is in it, how it can improve your gym experience and what past customers say.

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Product Name: Powher
Who makes it?
 – Ultimate Life
What is it? –A pre workout supplement created especially for women. Lower dose of caffeine and some new ingredients
Basic function? – Support more intense workouts for faster fat loss. Promote strength in the gym to help you create a more toned body.
Recommended? – Absolutely. We are a big fan of Powher and Ultimate Life as a company – they keep on producing products that meet customer expectation
Where is it available? – Exclusively from the official website, shipping is available to every country countries including the UK, Ireland, United States, Canada and Australia.

Available exclusively from the official website. Special offers and discounts are currently in effect. There are no current Powher coupon codes.


POWHER Pre Workout for Women

Powher is a pre-workout supplement and it’s just for women. Heard that before? If you have, it’s not surprising. Gender-specific supplements of all types are becoming increasingly popular these days.

The problem is, most of pre-workout supplements for women are “for women” in name only.

It may say it on the label and there’s often a lot of pink involved but when it comes to the ingredients these products contain and what they do, you are walking in territories better-suited for guys.

Powher before and after
Powher before and after

Powher is Different

Powher is different. There’s a lot of pink going on. There’s no denying that. The powder, the packaging, the official website: everything is in the pink. Even the flavour is pink! It’s pink lemonade.

However, when you peel back this shockingly pink veneer, there’s some seriously good things going on under the hood with Powher pre-workout formulation.

Powher review from EL Fitness

Powher in a Nutshell

Powher is a basically a drink mix. It comes in a tub and you mix it with water and take it before training. It’s designed to boost your energy levels, provide extra motivation, and generally help you train a lot harder than normal.

The main promised benefits are:

  • A stable supply of energy without jitters or crash
  • Increased strength and stamina while training
  • Better mental focus
  • Intense workouts and faster fat loss
  • A more toned body

Let’s not beat about the bush here though. When you buy Powher you won’t be getting a tub of fairy dust. It’s not magic and it will not make your fat disappear on its own. Nor will you wake up one morning and find you suddenly have the body of your dreams.

The average Powher users are ladies who are already training hard with a view to attaining the body of their dreams. Powher is designed to get them where they want to be more quickly.

Due to its invigorating nature, Powher is also a good option for female track athletes, netball players, cyclists and women who are involved in any sport where additional energy is likely to provide an extra edge.

Women pre workout

How Powher Stands up When Compared to the Alternatives

One of the best things about Powher is it’s not overloaded with caffeine. A lot of pre-workout formulations contain caffeine in crazy amounts and often combine it with other stimulants.

There’s nothing wrong with caffeine. Granted, a small percentage of people who are ultra sensitive to stimulants have to avoid it, but most women are okay.

Tea and coffee drinkers all over the world are loading up on caffeine throughout the day without any problems at all. Energy drink users too. The average person is only going to have problems if they consume high quantities of caffeine.

Minimal Caffeine

However, the body can adapt and become used to high doses of caffeine. Men have an advantage though. They always handle caffeine better than women do.

High doses of caffeine can screw up a woman’s estrogen levels and cause all manner of problems. If the manufacturers peddling most of those pink pre-workout supplements really knew their stuff the caffeine content wouldn’t be nearly so high.

The amount of caffeine included in Powher is just enough to provide some extra energy, without going over the top.

Made for Women

The other problem with many of the other pre-workout supplements marketed towards women is they tend to encourage muscle bulk.

A pre-workout with bulking capabilities is great if you are a guy who is focusing on getting bigger. Not so good if you’re a gal who only wants to tone-up her muscles and get a sleek and sexy look.

Fortunately, Powher is not packed full of ingredients that will add unwanted bulk. It’s strictly a pre-workout supplement.

It’s also worth pointing out the fact that the formulation contains a number of exciting, cutting-edge ingredients that many manufacturers are either unaware of or choose to ignore to keep their production costs down.

Woman working out

Powher Usage Guidelines and Considerations

The best time to take Powher is 30 minutes before training. It’s just a case of combining one scoop of powder with 250 ml of water, mixing it well and then drinking it.

On non-training days, you don’t need to take the product, so how long a tub lasts will depend on your normal regimen.

There is 250 mg of powder in each tub and each (1-scoop) dose is 10 mg. Do the math and you’ll see a tub provides 25 doses. So, if you are training six days per week a tub will last for a month.

Most women are only likely to be training three to four times per week. With a regimen like that, a tub could last for up to eight weeks.

Powher Ingredients

Powher Ingredient Evaluation

Powher contains a staggering good combination of natural ingredients and they are provided in generous doses as well. Even the more costly ones.

Each scoop provides the following 13 ingredients:

1. Pantothenic Acid (10 mg)

Pantothenic acid also goes by the name of Vitamin B5. Like other B Vitamins, it helps the body extract energy from food.

It’s a good addition to a formulation such as this and if you doubt its credentials you only need to look at the back of a tin of Red Bull. In fact look at the list of ingredients for most energy drinks and you are likely to find it there.

Needless to say, the body uses Pantothenic acid for many other things as well. One of them is red blood cell production. That’s an important consideration because the red cells provide the muscles with the extra oxygen they need during exercise. [SOURCE]

2. Vitamin B6 (10mg)

Vitamin B6 is another ingredient you will find in nearly all energy drinks. Like pantothenic acid, it does a lot more than just provide extra energy.

In fact, it’s needed for the production of hemoglobin. That’s the compound that sits in the red blood cells and holds the oxygen during its journey.

Vitamin B6 also assists muscle function and the body needs it for creating hormones that control the mood. [SOURCE]

3. Vitamin B12 (50 mcg)

One more energy drink ingredient to add to the mix. Apart from invigorating the body, Vitamin B12 supports blood cell and DNA production.

Vitamin B12 also plays an important role in providing a healthy nervous system. [SOURCE]

4. Taurine (2,500 mg)

Taurine is an energy drink ingredient as well. Apart from upping energy levels, it also increases physical strength. That makes it a particularly valid pre-workout supplement inclusion.

Additionally, taurine helps protect the muscles from being damaged while training and speeds up recovery after exercise.

5. L-Citrulline Malate (2,000 mg)

An amino acid that’s gained a lot of respect for its proven abilities as a performance and endurance booster. This is due to its ability to increase nitrogen levels.

The trained cyclist involved in one study where able to do the distance much faster thanks to L-Citrulline supplements. They also felt less muscle fatigue. [SOURCE]

6. Beta-Alanine (1,000 mg)

Beta-Alanine assists protein synthesis. This makes it good for speeding up muscle recovery. That’s not the main reason it’s included though. It’s because it is very good at boosting performance.

Research reveals Beta-Alanine increases physical performance by slowing lactic acid build-up. [SOURCE 1]

7. RedNite (500 mg)

A proprietary blend of red beetroot extract that boasts an unusually good nitrate potency.

Nitrate relaxes the blood vessels and improves the circulation. By doing so, it increases oxygen and nutrient flow to the muscles. This makes it possible to work the muscles harder and longer and delays the onset of fatigue. [SOURCE]

8. Freeze-Dried Coconut Water (500 mg)

Coconut water is an often overlooked ingredient that is rich in vitamins and minerals and is good for boosting levels of electrolytes in the body.

Healthy electrolyte levels make it easier to walk away from a workout without feeling drained and listless. [SOURCE]

9. Lysine (500 mg)

An amino acid that’s needed for protein synthesis. The body also needs Lysine to make collagen. You need this for strong joints. Its main value here is that its presence will aid faster recovery. [SOURCE]

10. Tyrosine (500 mg)

A popular nootropic ingredient due to its ability to support the production norepinephrine and dopamine. Tyrosine is an amino acid that can improve mental focus and improve the mood.

The body also uses tyrosine as a raw ingredient for the thyroid hormones that govern the metabolism. [SOURCE]

11. OxyJun (400 mg)

A standardized extract taken from the bark of the Termninalia Arjuna tree. Its ability to encourage a healthy heart has been exploited in India for hundreds of years.

Research conducted on OxyJun suggests it’s as good for boosting performance as it is for protecting the heart. [SOURCE]

12. EnXtra (300 mg)

EnXtra is a botanical proprietary blend developed by ENovate Biolife. It’s both a caffeine amplifier and a caffeine replacement.

Research shows it can make you feel good and remain alert and focused, with no side effects or crash. Better still, the benefits can last for up to five hours. [SOURCE]

13. Natural Caffeine (100 mg)

Many of the benefits of caffeine are well-known: more energy, improved mental focus, and concentration. It’s also a proven fat burner.

Unfortunately, the side effects associated with overly-high doses are equally well-known: Jitters, nausea, headache, palpitations. That’s why it’s good to see Powher contains a sensible amount.

Woman working out
Powher ProsPowher Cons
  • Not loaded with stimulants
  • Does not contain bulking compounds
  • Genuinely formulated for women
  • Proven ingredients
  • Delivers results
  • Only available from the official site
  • Limited to one flavour choice

A Look at Some Powher Customer Reviews

“Powher is superb. It gives you a lovely clean energy boost, but none of the nastiness the other pre-workouts hit you with.”

“I’d just about given up hope of finding a decent pre workout. Then a girl at track told me about Powher. IT’S THE BEST!!!!”

“I’d been looking for something like this for a long time. I needed an extra edge and Powher gives it to me. I’ve got oodles of energy now and I look so toned and curved its crazy.”

“This is the only preworkout ive tried that isn’t destined for the bin. I’m amazed how well it works.”

Powher Side Effects and Interactions Issues

There are no known side effects and no interaction issues have been reported. If you are a pregnant or nursing mother though, you need to wait. Don’t use this or any other supplement until your doctor tells you it is safe to do so.

If you have existing health issues or are using medication, it also makes sense to get the all-clear from a doctor before commencing supplementation.

Hit or Miss? (Is Power a Good Pre-Workout Supplement for Women?)

Powher has already proven to be a bit hit with a lot of women and, looking at the strength and quality of the formulation, if you need a good pre-workout supplement that really is made for women, this one is too good to miss.

Although it’s important never to mistake it for a standard weight loss formulation, when incorporated into an active lifestyle, Powher will be able to get you looking and feeling extra good extra fast.

Powher Buying Options

You can only buy Powher from the Powher website and the RRP is a mere $45. If you want to get greedy and order a few tubs at once, you can also bag an extra bottle and some free shipping.

Powher ships to all countries and is particularly popular in the UK, Ireland, USA, Canada and Australia

Powher UK, Australia, Canada

Powher FAQ

Can I stack Powher with other supplements?

If you’re talking about vitamins and minerals, it’s green for go. If you are talking about other types of supplement, it makes sense to get some advice from a doctor first. Especially if the other supplements contain caffeine or other stimulants

Can I lose weight with Powher?

If you are eating sensibly, training regularly, and taking Powher you will experience superior fat loss and muscle toning than you were getting before you discovered Powher. However, it has to be remembered, it’s a pre-workout supplement, not a weight loss drink.

How long does Powher take to work?

After you drink it, you should start feeling the effects withing 30 minutes. So, if you timed it right, that will be just as you begin to train.

What’s the best way to store Powher?

It’s best to store it in a cool, dark place away from strong smells or flavors. It’s also important to replace the lid correctly after each mixing.

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