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In this head to head battle of two testosterone boosters, we’re going to put TestoFuel vs Performix Super Male T and see which testosterone supplement is the best to buy.

TestoFuel vs Performix Super Male T
Testo Fuel vs Performix Super Male T

Now, before we get into it, there’s something important we should mention: out of the areas of comparison we will examine, effectiveness of a supplement is our primary concern.

Cost comes second place every time. There are many reasons for this, but the most important one is that cost is relative to the buyer.

One man’s ‘expensive’ is another man’s ‘cheap’, whereas everybody wants to know if the stuff works or not. Right?

That said, we will obviously look at supplement price in our assessment, because it can become very important at crunch time.

Needless to say, a product’s appearance shouldn’t matter a bit, except that it can give us a small insight into a company’s modus operandi.

We’re keeping the scoring system easy. Out of 10 for each category.

ENOUGH!!! Let’s get at it.

High Level Comparison – First Impressions – Testo Fuel vs Performix Super Male T

As much as we don’t want it to, we know packaging and appearance has an effect on people.

Companies wouldn’t spend huge piles of cash on design if it didn’t.

The actual important stuff is what’s inside the little pills but that doesn’t stop people buying something because it looks shiny.

The first thing we wanted to do with the Performix Super Male T is put it safely in the office trophy cabinet, and give it a daily polish henceforth. It does look good.

The pills themselves look special as well, what with the little red balls floating around in clear liquid.

We won’t mention quite yet that this means there’s barely any ingredients in there, but…oops, we just did!

If a supplement looking cool made your testosterone levels rise then we’d be off to the races, but that’s not the case.

Actually, the packaging could be there to distract you from the brutal truth – i.e. that what’s under the hood ain’t that good.

We’ve found that to be the case with a lot of supplements we’ve reviewed. However, before we step on our neutrality too much at this point, we’ll just score it.

After all, Performix Super Male T looks like the offspring of art and bro-science, whereas Testo Fuel looks clean and professional. Neither make us go ‘yuck!’

You may have thought Performix Super Male T would beat the pants of Testo Fuel for the first impressions round, but…it’s just a bottle o’ pills, people, come on, focus here!

Testo Fuel 7 – 7 Performix Super Male T

In Depth Comparison – Ingredient Profiles

Now, this is where the gloves come off and we see what these contenders are really made of…literally.

Total Ingredient Weight

Dosages and inclusion rates are important in any dietary supplement, and if you’re going to get some T boosting done, these pills had better pack a punch.

At a glance, there’s a remarkable difference between how much ingredient weight is inside a serving of each supplement:

Testo Fuel = 2,815.3 mg
Performix Super Male T = 265.5 mg

You might be wondering whether you are reading that correctly.

You are.

Testo Fuel has 10 times more active ingredients in a serving than its opponent Performix Super Male T.

Now, we can’t technically say that means anything until we take a closer look at the ingredients.

After all, some powerful ingredients can be effective at tiny doses.

Also the Performix says you can take up to (but no more than) 3 servings a day, making a total ingredient weight of: 796.5mg per day.

Recipe of Ingredients

We’re going to lay out all the ingredients between both products in a simple table to illustrate the differences in the recipes.

Unfortunately, Performix Super Male T contains a proprietary blend of 253 mg, which contains virtually all of the total ingredients.

Proprietary blends give us very little idea of what the ratio of ingredients is.

The main rule they have to follow is that the largest inclusion in the blend must be the first listed ingredient on the label.

With that in mind, we shall put a number in a bracket, which will denote the order of decreasing weight of that ingredient; (1) being the primary ingredient, and therefore the largest inclusion; and (7) being the smallest.

Ingredient,Testo Fuel,Performix,
Vitamin D,5000 IU,500 IU,
Vitamin B6,5 mg,2.5 mg,
Vitamin K2,10 mg,none,
Magnesium,200 mg,none,
Zinc,10 mg,10 mg,
D-Aspartic Acid,2300 mg,none,
Fenugreek,100 mg,unknown (1),
Oyster extract,100 mg,none,
Siberian Ginseng,100 mg,none,
Tribulus Alatus,none,unknown (2),
Maca,none,unknown (3),
Epimedium brevicornum (Icariin),none,unknown (4),
Eurycoma longifolia (Longjack),none,unknown (5),
Diindolylmethane (DIM),none,unknown (6),
Bioperine (Black Pepper),none,unknown (7),

You can see from the table that the recipes overlap and there are some ingredients both of the products incorporate.

What struck us immediately is the sheer weight difference between the two, again.

Testo Fuel’s inclusion of D-Aspartic Acid – 2300mg – is more than 8 times bigger than the whole of the Performix blend.

They have 4 ingredients in common:

Vitamin D: research indicates optimum human performance levels are achieved when Vitamin D levels are higher. Also a deficiency could be concomitant with low free testosterone levels.
Testo Fuel: 5000 IU (IU is International Units)
Performix: 500 IU

Vitamin B6: it’s difficult to name a process in the body that B6 doesn’t support. Most importantly in this case is that Tesosterone production is one of them.
Testo Fuel: 5 mg
Performix: 2.5 mg

Fenugreek: clinical studies of the highest order have shown that Fenugreek supplementation can improve libido and raise testosterone levels.
Testo Fuel: 100 mg
Performix: Fenugreek is the first ingredient in the Performix blend so it has to be over 36.1 mg (based on 253mg divided by 7), though we can’t know what the value is.

Zinc: supports healthy testosterone levels. Many people in modern western civilization can have a deficiency due to lack of zinc in their diets.
Testo Fuel: 10 mg (the zinc here is in a form called ZMA which is actually a known testosterone boosting supplement in its own right)
Performix: 10 mg

Now we’ll have a look at the Key ingredients that stand out from what is left.

Testo Fuel – Key Ingredients:

  • D-Aspartic Acid: One of the few Testosterone boosters that athletes actually use for anabolic gains
  • Siberian Ginseng: an ergogenic aid and T booster, it helps you dig deeper during intense exercise
  • Oyster Extract: naturally high in T boosting zinc and increases lipid (fat) metabolism
  • Magnesium: essential for efficient contractions of muscles, metabolism of the macro-nutrients; carbs, protein and fats, supports higher testosterone levels, and hundreds more processes

Performix Super T Male – Key Ingredients:

  • Tribulus Alatus: the cousin of Tribulus Terrestris, which has long been in testosterone boosters
  • Maca: another libido enhancer, though possibly limited to that
  • Icariin: otherwise known as Horny Goat Weed because it makes goats, well, horny. Potentially increases bone density too
  • Eurycoma Longifolia: Longjack, Tongkat Ali – call it what you will, it’s another herbal T booster
  • DIM: diindolylmethane has been shown to inhibit Testosterone’s aromatization to estrogen
  • BioPerine: or black pepper in basic terms. It’s just in the blend to help the herbal ingredients get absorbed by the body

Testo Fuel vs Performix Super Male T – What’s The Ingredient Score?

We like all the ingredients here, in both supplements.

The main difference is that the proprietary blend in Performix Super Male T must contain low amounts of all of its ingredients because it only just scrapes over 250 mg in total.

Also, the choice of herbal T boosters are really geared more towards libido enhancement than any real performance drivers for gaining muscle.

The Testo Fuel on the other hand contains some real performance enhancers.

The D-Aspartic Acid alone is the key anabolic T booster here that athletes of all persuasions can use to elevate testosterone to power-inducing levels…and at that powerful dosage!!

Add the other ingredients and you’ve got a real ‘grit-yer-teeth’ testosterone boost coming your way and a serious increase in protein synthesis rates.

This round’s going to go quite heavily in Testo Fuel’s favour. Performix have made too many compromises in our opinion.

Testo Fuel 8 – 4 Performix Super Male T

next up…cost. See, we told you we’d get there

Testo Fuel vs Performix Super Male T – Pricing Comparison

If you’ve come to this point in our comparison review and the only thing left on your mind is price, then this might just seal the deal for you.

Performix Super T: $149.99 (£95) per bottle, which lasts less than a month if you take 3 caps a day. Note: this is based on GNC’s pricing.

If you are a GNC member, you are eligible for a discount. The price then becomes $109.99 (£70) though you may have to pay for the membership.

Testo Fuel: $69.99 (£45) per bottle, which lasts a month.

There’s also some sweet deals available from Testo Fuel:

  • 2 months supply = 2 bottles = $138 (£88); and
  • 3 months supply + 1 month supply FREE + 1 FREE T-Shirt + 2 FREE nutrition and workout guide ebooks = $219 (£140)

That’s 4 bottles of Testo Fuel and some free stuff for $219

For the sake of objectivity, what would 4 bottles of Performix Super T cost? Answer = $600 (£383)

Depending on which deal you’re looking at, Performix can cost twice, or nearly three times, as much as Testo Fuel.

The scores have to reflect that. We’ve seen less expensive T boosters than both of them, but it’s difficult to name a cheaper one that will work better than Testo Fuel.

Testo Fuel 8 – 4 Performix Super T

Testo Fuel vs Performix Super Male T – Final Score

From the 3 areas we looked at, the actual efficacy of the ingredients being the most important in out opinion, here’s the final comparison scores:

Comparison Area,Testo Fuel,Performix Super T,
First Impressions,7,7,
Recipe Ingredients,8,4,
Price Comparison,8,4,
Final Score,23,15,

Final Score

Testo Fuel 23 – 15 Performix Super Male T

Bottom Line

Based on the scores above, it’s a win for Testo Fuel.

In our opinion it’s one of the most effective Testosterone boosters on the market, and not just for enhancing performance in the bedroom, but in the gym as well.

TestFuel Review

Testo Fuel can be delivered worldwide, including United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Europe.

It also comes with a 90 day money back guarantee. 

Make sure you grab the 4 bottle special offer if you want real value.

Follow the link below to see the offers and options with Testo Fuel.

Read the full Testo fuel review

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