New Year Strength and Fitness Tips – Getting Back in Shape

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New year workout

It’s that time already!!?

As New Year approaches, happens, and then passes, along with a lot of merry times (plus food, alcohol…and guilt), we are often left with the overwhelming desire to make this next year count for something more.

Enter, the New Year’s resolution!

We promise ourselves that we won’t go to so many social gatherings, that we’ll go steady on the booze, harder on the healthy smoothies, lighter on the junk food and heavier on nutrition.

And then there’s ‘getting back in shape.’

It’s a lot to do come January, and unfortunately, it is sometimes/often/mostly put back and put off until it becomes the ‘maybe next new year’s resolution.’

Well, that’s just not going to happen, is it!?

One of the biggest hurdles is knowing where to start, especially if it has been a couple of years since you even thought about a gym.

OR, It might be that you were good last year, but Christmas and New Year took their toll. And, you want another few ideas to springboard you into this year.

Here’s a few summaries of articles, ideas and products to help you actually fulfill that NY resolution, or just keep the old rhythm going.

Man and woman working out to strengthen core

Building a Strong Base

Not everyone thinks of the core as the most important muscle group in the body. They would, sadly, be wrong. It is called the core for a couple of reasons, most notably its centralized location in your body.

The word ‘core’ also implies the importance of this group of muscles. Much like your core skills or a reactor’s core, it is the area that MUST be strong and developed before you can strengthen the rest of your body to its full potential.

Skip the core exercises and you are asking for trouble at some point, whether it comes in the form of accidental injury or chronic injury.

Don’t be glum about it though, some good work in this area will have you feeling stronger and fitter than ever before. Check out the following article and regain your core strength in the car to come.

Leg Muscles

Don’t Skip Leg Day

Here’s another muscle group perhaps second most vital in comparison with the core muscles, but it’s a close second.

If the core is your body’s central strength, then your legs are its movement and lifting power. There is no such thing as a balanced muscular frame without your legs being the majority of your muscle mass.

Where leg training is concerned, classic multi-joint movements such as deadlift and squat are still the grandfathers of strength.

And, without leg strength, there is little point in building abdominal, back and upper body muscle mass.

Why? – Well, aside from looking quite silly, you will find your unbalanced muscular structure to weaken areas such as your lower back and hips, and even affect your posture and stance for as long as it takes to correct the situation.

Start your New Year by bolting on some good leg strength exercises to add to that core!

Man on spin bike

Spin to Burn Fat

You may be wondering where your cardio-vascular system gets a workout amongst all of this strength business. CV is essential for overall health, and to keep the fat at bay.

The Aerobic and Anaerobic system must be worked to achieve balance in a cardio-vascular context, in order to improve your utilization of oxygen and improve your body’s ability to partition nutrients into storage for energy rather than fat.

Spin bike workouts are the perfect blend of aerobic and anaerobic intensity. They can also boost your leg muscle and core strength when done correctly.

The workout below is not for the absolute beginner but you can easily adapt it to your needs. First and foremost, it’s a calorie burner – a fat burner – and it really tests the max capacity of your anaerobic system.

If you are looking to expand you aerobic (oxygen/fat using) system then you must change it down a few gears and cycle to an intensity where you are breathing deep but not hitting anywhere near the red zone.

Women on Spin Bikes

Spin Bike Workout – One For The Ladies

Ladies, this next section is for you. The men can take a message from it though, so don’t be afraid to read it guys!

Losing weight isn’t and shouldn’t be all about cardio and aerobic workouts. A stronger muscularity will help in many ways and this article series is about going from strength to strength.

A common misconception among women is that strength workouts will leave you looking bulky. Fair enough, some ladies want to look that way; bodybuilders for example.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. Size is only one possible manifestation of muscle strength, and there are ways to lift for strength without getting bigger.

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