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Sperm motility is a measure of how well a man’s sperm can swim. When it is low, it may be difficult to conceive with the woman’s egg. Fortunately, there are many things that you can do on your own to increase your male fertility naturally! In this article we will cover some easy ways that you can improve your fertility by increasing your sperm count.

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Can sperm motility be improved?

Sperm motility is the ability of a man’s sperm to move properly towards an egg.  When this movement slows or stops, it can make conception difficult. What can you do about it?

There are many things that you can do on your own to increase sperm count.  One of the first things is making sure that there aren’t any issues with testosterone levels, because this could be a cause for low fertility. Another reason for infertility in men could be genetic. If testosterone levels are normal, then it may be time to take a look at what you eat. There are certain foods that can increase fertility in both men and women.

Improve Male Fertility with Diet

A healthy diet is often the first step towards increasing male fertility.  Many men find that making simple changes to their daily eating habits can make a huge difference.

Eating too much junk food can really have negative effects on your health, and semen quality is no different!  Adding foods that are high in vitamin C, zinc, selenium, as well as fatty acids will help provide the nutrition that your sperm need to move properly.

Here are some quick tips for you to try:

Increase Zinc Intake – Zinc plays an important role in the production of testosterone, and a lack of zinc can lead to low sperm counts.  Eating foods that contain high amounts of zinc include oysters , kidney beans , mushrooms , spinach , asparagus , whole grains and yogurt .

Increase Vitamin C – Vitamin C is essential for the body’s ability to produce collagen. It also helps to increase male fertility and can protect against birth defects.  Eat foods that contain high amounts of Vitamin C like citrus fruits, kiwi, strawberries and broccoli.

Decrease Fat Intake – Excess fat in the diet has been shown to lower your testosterone, which means a reduction in fertility as well! Try taking out some of the fat that you eat, and replace it with high Vitamin C foods like citrus fruits , kiwi , strawberries .

There are also natural fertility and sperm motility supplements available that increase your sperm count and quality. Products such as Semenoll can be used in tandem with a healthy diet to help your chances of fatherhood.

What foods increase sperm count?

There are many foods that have been shown to decrease male infertility.  Adding these healthy foods into your daily diet could make a big difference!

  • Asparagus – Asparagus is high in vitamin C, selenium, and zinc which all help with low sperm counts. It also contains asparagine which has been proven to affect sperm health.  Asparagus is easy to find and prepare, so give it a shot!
  • Citrus Fruits – Like asparagus , citrus fruits are high in vitamin C . Vitamin C helps with collagen production which allows the body’s cells to divide more easily. This also increases sperm counts because healthy division of cells means that sperm are developing properly.
  • Fish – Fish is high in Omega-three fatty acids which have been shown to help increase the ability of a man’s sperm cells to move forward through the cervix and into the uterus .  Salmon , sardines, tuna, mackerel are all great sources of healthy omega-threes.
  • Green Vegetables – Green vegetables are high in vitamin C , zinc, and selenium .  All of these help increase sperm health.  Add broccoli , spinach, kale into your diet for a boost to fertility!
  • Yogurt/Kefir – Kefir is an excellent source of healthy bacteria which helps to balance the digestive system. It is also high in vitamin C , zinc, and selenium .  Yogurt contains healthy probiotics which are good for your immune system as well!

The natural remedies mentioned above should help significantly improve semen volume, allowing you to conceive quickly and safely! If these methods don’t work or aren’t enough , you may want to consider a clinical fertility treatment .

What foods are bad for semen quality?

There are many foods that you should avoid in order to increase sperm counts.  If you want healthy babies , it is important to take care of your body and the food that enters it!

  • Sugar – Sugar is terrible for fertility, but not just because of its high glycemic value. It also negatively impacts testosterone levels.  Avoid foods that are high in sugar , like candy, pastries, processed grain products.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol is not only bad for your liver function it can also have a negative effect on sperm quality .  If you do drink alcohol try to limit yourself to two drinks per week at most!
  • Processed Foods – Processed foods are packed with additives, preservatives, and artificial flavorings that can not only be harmful to your health but cause infertility as well!  Try sticking to a diet of fresh foods.
  • Processed Meats – Foods like hot dogs , bologna , salami contain nitrates which have been shown to damage sperm cells . Stay far away from these foods if you want to conceive.
  • Dietary Fat – Excess dietary fat is not good for your testosterone levels, which means that it can decrease sperm count.  Try cutting out some of the excess fat in your diet and replacing it with more green vegetables like broccoli, kale, spinach .
  • Saturated Fats – The consumption of saturated fats has been shown to increase estrogen levels, which can cause infertility .  Try sticking to low fat meats like chicken , turkey , and fish instead.

Please note that these are just some examples of what you should avoid in your diet if you want healthy sperm! There are many other foods that aren’t great for fertility and we recommend that you consult a nutritionist or fertility expert if you want to make sure your diet is perfect for conception.

Improve Sperm Motility with Exercise

Exercise can be an important part of increasing your sperm counts because it helps to keep your testosterone levels in balance!  There are many forms of exercise that you might consider doing to improve sperm count and motility, but it is important that you stay safe and avoid over-exertion.

What does Science say?

There are many studies that show how certain exercises can increase male fertility rates dramatically. For example, The Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness found that male runners who ran marathons experienced a 30% increase in their sperm counts.

Here are some tips for exercising safely:

Warm Up – Before any workout routine, make sure to warm up properly! This will help your blood flow and increase the sperm production as well. Try light cardio (jogging , biking , etc.) for about five minutes to get your body ready.

Take Breaks – Make sure that you take breaks between hard exercises, so that you can recover from each one properly .  If this isn’t done the right way it could cause serious injuries which will keep you away from exercising!

Cool Down – Just like warming up, cooling down properly after a workout is important because it allows your blood to flow back to the areas that were worked on.  This will help increase fertility as well! Try light cardio (jogging , biking , etc.) for about five minutes at the end of each exercise session.

What kind of exercise should a man do for sperm health?

There are many forms of exercise that can be done to help increase sperm count.  Every man is different, so there is no one-size fits all answer, but the most common kinds of exercise include biking, jogging , and weight lifting.

Biking – Bicycling is a great form of exercise to help increase the fertility of sperm because it helps with balance and cardiovascular endurance, which are important when trying for pregnancy.  It also works out your leg muscles , which can be crucial in helping men push harder during sex.

Jogging/Running – If you love to run , it can be a great way to help boost sperm count!  Running helps build endurance and cardiovascular health, along with leg strength.

Weight Lifting – If you’re into lifting weights , that’s awesome! It is important not to overdo it, but weightlifting has been shown in studies to have tremendous benefits on sperm health.  It’s also great for building muscle mass, which can help with stamina during sex and avoiding erectile dysfunction .

Prescription Medications and Poor Sperm Motility

There are some medications that can have a negative impact on sperm cells, so it is important to discuss these with your doctor.  Many prescription drugs are designed as testosterone blockers, which means they will negatively affect your sperm counts.

Some of the more common medications that you should avoid include:

Hair Loss Medications – Some hair loss medications may contain the drug Finasteride, which has been shown to affect sperm count. How come?  It blocks the conversion of testosterone into Dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which has been linked to low sperm counts!  If you’re taking medication for hair loss, make sure that your doctor knows what it contains.

Weight Loss Medications – Some weight loss medications contain Sibutramine, which is also known to cause increased risk of fertility issues!  This medication lower semen quality and can cause long term side effects .  It should be avoided by anyone who wants to increase their sperm count.

Beta Blockers – Beta blockers are designed to treat high blood pressure, but they also have the negative side effect of causing fertility issues.  This has been shown in studies where men who were given beta blockers experienced a decrease in testosterone levels, which is linked to male infertility. How come?  Testosterone is crucial for sperm health and motility, so if it’s lowered even a little bit this can cause problems.

Antidepressants – There are many different types of antidepressants , but most have some negative side effects when it comes to male fertility. These medications reduce testosterone levels in the body which decreases sperm production dramatically.

A decreased sperm counts leads to a decrease in sperm quality. You should discuss your options with your doctor to find which one is right for you, but it may be time to talk about natural fertility methods instead!

Increase Blood Flow for Better Male Fertility

Good blood flow is important for the health of many different areas in your body, including those that help increase sperm count.  Here are some tips to improve blood flow:

Eat Some Spicy Food – Eating spicy foods like chili has been shown to increase testosterone and therefore positively affect sperm counts.  It also increases blood flow, which is crucial for sperm health.

Get Plenty Of Zzz’s – Getting enough sleep It can also stimulate good circulation by causing a thermogenic reaction in the body.

Your body temperature rises when you sleep, which helps increase blood flow.

Poor sleep quality is also linked to low sperm count , so there really is no reason to skimp on sleep.

Lose Weight – It may seem counter-intuitive, but losing weight can actually improve blood flow in the body.  It’s important not to overdo it because you don’t want to lose too much fat tissue around your organs since that will impair semen quality.  However, it is important to be at a healthy weight.

Drink Some Coffee – Drinking a couple cups of coffee each day can be really helpful for increasing sperm count!  In addition to being linked with an increase in testosterone , studies have shown that caffeinated beverages like coffee and soda help improve the quality of sperm.

Exercise Regularly – Exercising on a regular basis is important because it helps your blood vessels to expand and allows for increased circulation.  This will help the male reproductive system as well!

Exercise helps improve all aspects of your body by increasing the amount of oxygen that gets delivered to each cell.  This means more nutrients and less cellular waste, keeping you healthier on many different levels including sexual function.

As discussed above, make sure that you take breaks between exercises so that you do not over exert yourself which could cause oxidative stress. Keep workouts short and focused on increasing blood flow.

Avoid Hot Tubs or Long Showers – When you are trying to increase sperm count, avoid taking long hot showers or using a jacuzzi.  Hot water can reduce your sperm count by half!

Taking really hot baths and showers reduces blood flow through the scrotum which will have an effect on sperm morphology.

Try Some Natural Remedies – There are some natural remedies that have been shown to help with male fertility by improving testosterone levels, which in turn boosts sperm count.  Some of these include: Saw Palmetto, Ginko Biloba, Ginseng, Vitamin C & E.

Quit smoking – Smoking cigarettes is terrible for your health in many ways, but it also affects your sperm.  Men who smoke have much lower levels of testosterone and higher rates of infertility compared to non-smokers!

If you are having trouble quitting smoking talk to a doctor about nicotine replacement therapy or prescription drugs that can help with cravings.

Finally, semen is made up of sperm cells, seminal fluid, and various proteins.  Because some factors are out of your control (like age), it may be helpful to focus on increasing the amount of motile sperm in your semen by eating a diet that supports testosterone production, avoiding smoking cigarettes or excess alcohol consumption, and engaging in regular exercise if you suffer from poor sperm quality.

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