Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges – Do they Work?

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Can you really boost the immune system by taking a zinc supplement? Can a simple lozenge help build up immunity? Your questions answered.

Immune Defence zinc lozenges reviews
Immune Defence zinc lozenges is defence against viruses. Complete immune system support

What is Immune Defence (Zinc Lozenges)

The name says it all. Immune Defence is a supplement for boosting the immune system and defending the body from disease.

Although we generally take our immune system for granted, whether you realize it or not, it’s up and running 24 hours a day and it does a wonderful job.

It destroys most of the pathogens that enter the body without us even knowing they are there.

Immune Defence provides the immune system with four ingredients
Immune Defence provides the immune system with four natural minerals and vitamins to support your immune system

However, like everything else in the body, the immune system requires certain nutrients to keep it running at maximum efficiency.

Immune Defence provides the immune system with four of them.

The main ingredient is zinc. There’s also some Vitamin C, along with helpings of Vitamin A and Vitamin E.

You may get a surprise when you learn Immune Defence is not a pill. Although it comes in a bottle, the supplement is actually a lozenge.

Unfortunately, if you don’t like aniseed, unless you are willing to grin and bear it, Immune Defence won’t be the best immune system booster for you.

There are no additional choices. It’s aniseed or nothing.

It’s possible the situation may change in the future, but I wouldn’t hold your breath.  

Who Makes Immune Defence?

Immune Defence lozenges are manufactured in the UK by Swiss Research Labs. The company is based in Nottingham but ships its products all over the world.

Swiss Research Labs is not a major player in the supplement industry, but it’s a genuine company that’s registered at British Companies House and appears to conduct its business in a reputable way.

I did some checks and there are no reports of any problems with billing and shipping or any scams.

That’s refreshing to see because the supplement industry is known for its profusion of shady manufacturers and suppliers.

The bottom line is, when you buy from Swiss Research Labs you won’t be dealing with a big fish but nor will you be dealing with one of the supplement industry sharks.

Immune system support - 120 lozenges

Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges Benefits

  • Defends against cold, flu, and other viruses
  • Reduces the duration of colds
  • Supports your immune system during times of stress
  • Provides nutrients proven to provide immune support
  • Easy to use immune system booster

Correct Dosage and Other Usage Considerations

The dose is one lozenge, up to four times per day. You need to leave at least two hours between doses and should never exceed the maximum dose (4 lozenges).

If you are a woman who is pregnant or nursing a child, it’s advisable to check with your doctor before using Immune Defence or any other kind of food supplement.

However, it’s inadvisable to use Immune Defence lozenges alongside other supplements that contain zinc or vitamins A, C, and E unless your doctor tells you this is okay to do.

Immune Defence is a little different from pills and most other types of supplements.

The ingredients are provided as a lozenge for a reason and it’s a reason that may surprise you.

Pills are designed to be swallowed.

When they enter the stomach, the digestive enzymes break them down and reduce them to particles that are tiny enough to enter the bloodstream via the intestinal walls.

Although some of the ingredients will undoubtedly enter the blood via this route, Immune Defence is available in lozenge format because it aims to also deliver some of the ingredients to the blood via the thin skin membranes inside the mouth. 

For this reason, it’s important not to crunch the lozenge and swallow it.

You get the best results with a lozenge like this if you allow it to dissolve in the mouth so suck, don’t chew.

Much of the misery associated with colds, flu, and other viruses is often due to symptoms such as sore throat, nasal congestion, and/or a runny nose.

Sucking on Immune Defence lozenges helps get the active ingredients to the areas where they are often needed most and does so in the quickest possible way. 

Immune Defence Ingredient Evaluation

As already stated earlier in this review, Immune Defence lozenges provide Zinc, along with vitamins A, C, and E.

The vitamins are provided via two berry extracts (rose hip + acerola).

The zinc is provided in the form of zinc gluconate.

This is an ingredient that’s often used in pharmaceutical products that aim to supply the body with extra zinc.


The relationship between zinc and the immune system is not a recent discovery.

Scientists have been aware of its value as an immune system booster for a very long time.

Zinc is great for boosting the immune system

However, recent research suggests one of the ways zinc boosts immune function is by preventing the kind of uncontrolled inflammation that is so damaging to the health.

According to researchers at Ohio State University, ensuring the body has sufficient zinc is a good way to ensure the immune response does not “spiral out of control” and prevent sepsis.

The researchers also believe zinc’s ability to control inflammation (a response to infection) may be the reason why taking zinc supplements at the start of a cold is so effective for reducing its duration along with the intensity of the symptoms.

There’s a wealth of research that shows taking zinc in the early stages of infection can help you get well faster.

There’s also a lot research that shows taking zinc is a good way to fight other viral infections too.

Researchers at Srinakharinwirot University in Thailand conducted a very interesting study involving hospitalized children suffering from acute respiratory tract infection (ALRI).

The study took the typical form, with some of the children being given zinc supplements while the rest (control group) only got a placebo.

Zinc supplementation proved to be very effective at accelerating the healing process and helping the children recover from the disease.

This enabled them to become well enough to return home much faster than the children in the placebo group.

Vitamin C

You may have noticed a lot of the cold and flu remedies you can buy over-the-counter contain Vitamin C.

It’s not there without good reason. The importance of Vitamin C to a powerful immune response is a matter of common knowledge.

vit c
Vitamin C is another natural source for building up your immune system

Many people seek out Vitamin C supplements or begin eating extra oranges at the first signs of a cold. It’s generally helped them before so they know it will help them again.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that helps free the body from toxins.

That’s just one of many virtues. When it comes to supporting a powerful immune response and helping the body fight off disease, Vitamin C’s ability to support white blood cell production is more interesting.

When the body senses bacteria, viruses, or other undesirable microbes have entered the system it handles the situation in a variety of ways.

One of the things it does is increase white blood cell production. It needs a sufficient amount of Vitamin C to help it do this.

If you don’t have enough it can impair the body’s ability to fight off disease.

The white blood cells are the body’s main immunity cells. Whenever they encounter foreign invaders, the white blood cells attack them.

When the cells successfully overpower the invaders all is well.

However, if the invading bacteria or virus starts getting the upper hand your health suffers and you become ill.

You will remain ill until your immune system is strong enough to regain the upper hand.

Supplementing with Vitamin C provides a helping hand that may prevent illness or help you benefit from a faster recovery.

Vitamin A

Many people fail to realize how important Vitamin A is for a strong immune system. In a way, it’s one of the body’s unsung heroes.

Like Vitamin C, Vitamin A is an antioxidant that gets rid of toxins and helps keep you well. 

Vitamin A

Much of the research to date has focused on Vitamin A’s effect on immune function at a molecular level.

However, research is ongoing and scientists are exploring Vitamin A’s value as both a preventative measure and a cure for various infectious diseases.

Vitamin E

Although we all need to get an adequate amount of Vitamin E to support efficient immune system activity, the need increases as we get older.

Vitamin E
Vitamin is vital for good health

The aging process doesn’t just weaken the bones, it can also weaken cellular immunity.

For this reason, elderly people need to take careful note of their Vitamin E intake and make sure they are getting enough.

Known Side Effects of Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges

Immune Defence doesn’t contain any chemicals or exotic plant extracts.

All it does is provide the body with extra zinc and three vitamins that have a proven ability to provide immune system support.

Not surprisingly, there are no reported side effects. Nor are any side effects likely.

When you use the lozenges in accordance with the manufacturer’s guidelines, the only effects you should experience should be good.

However, if you have any doubts about using this product you could attain extra peace of mind by visiting a qualified nutritionist or doctor and getting some expert advice.

Additional Considerations

Immune Defence is designed to be suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

This could make it an ideal choice for people who choose to stick to a plant-based diet.

Following a vegetarian lifestyle can make you more prone to becoming zinc deficient.

The chances are higher still when you are vegan.

Meat, eggs, and dairy are all good sources of zinc. Some types of fish provide zinc too and oysters and certain other shellfish can be particularly good.

Meat and seafood have no place in a vegetarian diet. Vegans avoid eggs and dairy as well.

Although there are many plant-based sources of zinc, including nuts, whole grains, and tofu; the body finds it hard to absorb zinc from plants.

That means a vegetarian meal that contains 5mg of zinc (for example) may be incapable of delivering all of it to the body.

Much of the problem is due to a compound called phytate. Many vegetarian foods contain it.

Phytate binds with zinc, copper and other minerals, interfering with their ability to be absorbed.

For this reason, nutritional experts often encourage vegetarians to try and maintain healthy levels of zinc by consuming 1.5 times the RDA.

Bearing in mind the extra difficulties vegetarians face when they need to increase their levels of zinc, it’s especially good that Immune Defence is an immune system booster that’s suitable for anyone to use—no matter what their dietary restrictions may be.

Where to Buy Immune Defence Zinc Lozenges

You can only buy this product from the official site. That means there is no opportunity to shop around but that’s not an issue because Immune Defence is very reasonably priced.

Making a single-bottle purchase only involves an investment of £34.95 (USD 44.95). Even when you are using the maximum dose, that’s a 30-day supply. That’s 120 lozenges and shipping is free.

As if often the case with supplements you can buy online, multibuy savings are available for customers who want to further “sweeten” the pot:

  • Family Pack (3 Bottles) for £84.85 (USD 114.85)
  • Family Pack Plus (5 Bottles) for £124.75 (USD 174.75)

Of course, it’s possible the prices may have increased slightly since this review. It’s also possible they may have been discounted down.

buy Immune Defence zinc lozenges online
Order Zinc Lozenges online

Immune Defence Review Conclusion

Immune Defence is a good product, produced by a reputable company and sold at a reasonable price.

In this case, attaining the nutrients that are necessary to sustain a strong immune system won’t cost you an arm or a leg.

Research shows the key ingredients can boost immune function and speed up recovery from colds and other viral infections.

The lozenges are likely to work particularly well if you begin taking them as soon as you notice the first signs of infection.

When you notice the first sign of illness, it shows your immune system is already under pressure.

Sucking on Immune Defence lozenges could be a good way to bring out the big guns.

Taking the lozenges daily is also an option, even if you are not feeling ill.

They will act like a highly focussed vitamin and mineral supplement that makes sure your immune system always has the nutrients it needs.

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