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Ageless Male is a free testosterone booster for Men. It is said to promote lean muscle mass for strength training. It can help a low libido and provide energy. It claims to be the worldwide best seller. Does it really work? – Read the review.

Ageless Male review
Ageless Male claims to be a worldwide best seller

In a nutshell: Ageless Male is available to buy on Amazon, it is towards the lower end of the market as far as testosterone products go. It is cheap!

Customer reviews are not flattering or confidence inspiring. If price is your main driver then at $20 per bottle this is supplement for you.

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“Promotes an increase in free testosterone”

What is Ageless Male

Ageless Male is a testosterone boosting supplement for men. Although most products of this nature are produced in capsule form, this one’s a tablet. There’s nothing wrong with that but capsules do tend to be easier to swallow.

Men who take the tablets are promised several benefits:

  • Increased free testosterone levels
  • Healthy energy metabolism
  • Better libido

These are all pretty standard claims for a product like this.

Boost free testosterone with Ageless Male

Who Makes Ageless Male?

Ageless Male is made by NAC Marketing Company, LLC and distributed under the New Vitality brand name. The company is based in the US and the pills are made there too.

Whenever I write reviews I always check to see if the manufacturer is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. NAC is not. Nevertheless, it is a legitimate business that’s been trading for 13 years.

While I was checking the company’s profile page at the BBB, I saw 15 customer complaints.

Most of them are about billing issues and other problems resulting that arose after the acceptance of free product trials.

I’ve checked the New Vitality website and the company no longer appears to offer trial products. That means issues of this nature are unlikely to arise again.

Who Is Ageless Male for and What Does It Do?

Products like this tend to appeal to different men for different reasons. Some men use them for bodybuilding purposes.

Others buy them to improve their prowess between the sheets. Still others buy testosterone boosters because they hope to experience various improvements in well-being.

Testosterone is an important hormone for men.  It supports muscle growth and cellular repair, but that’s only part of the story.

Testosterone also helps keep your bones nice and strong. It supports fat burning too. And let’s not forget the fact that adequate testosterone is necessary for a healthy sex life.

Unfortunately, testosterone levels decline with age. This can rob a man of his vitality, put a strain on relationships, and have a detrimental effect on his physique. 

If you suddenly feel more lethargic than normal,  find it harder to stay in shape, or have to begin searching for ways to put the lead back in your pencil, low testosterone levels could be to blame.

Ageless Male provides a combination of natural ingredients that have reputations for supporting increases in circulating testosterone levels. At this point, you may be wondering what “circulating” testosterone means. Don’t worry. There’s not a lot to explain.

Some of your testosterone gets bound to a protein made in the liver. It’s called Sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG). When that happens, your body cannot use it.

Circulating testosterone refers to the testosterone that has not been hijacked by SHBG in this way. It’s the testosterone your body can use.

Ageless Male Ingredient Profile

Each Ageless Male tablet contains four active ingredients. One of them is a vitamin, two are minerals, and the third one comes from a plant.

  • Vitamin B6 (4.9 mg)
  • Magnesium (16 mg)
  • Zinc (15 mg)
  • Testofen (300 mg)

Ageless Male In Detail (What the Ingredients Do)

All four of the ingredients NAC is using in Ageless Male are pretty common inclusions for a supplement of this kind.

However, the combination provided here may not be strong enough to provide much of a boost. It would have been nice to see a few other natural testosterone boosters in there as well.

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin. As with other water-soluble vitamins, your body can’t store it for long so you need to keep your levels topped up every day.

Pork, fish, and poultry are good sources of Vitamin B6. So are soy beans, oatmeal, and brown rice. Many vegetables contain Vitamin B6 too.

One of the things Vitamin B6 does is support energy metabolism. That’s just a fancy way of saying it helps you to extract energy from food. Most of the top-selling energy drinks have Vitamin B6 in them. Now you know why.

Research shows Vitamin B6 also supports serotonin production. That’s your happy hormone. When levels get low so does your mood. But what’s it doing in a testosterone boosting supplement? That’s a good question. Fortunately, there’s a good answer.

Rat-based research suggests Vitamin B6 has a role to play in testosterone production. The same study indicates it may also enhance target organ response to testosterone.

But do you know what? That’s rats, not people. Vitamin B6 would have more credibility as a testosterone booster if there were a few human studies to support its use in this way.


Magnesium is a mineral you can get by eating spinach, nuts, avocados, and many other healthy foods. Like all nutrients, it serves numerous different roles within the body.

If you are a bodybuilder or a man seeking a natural energy boost, you might be interested to learn magnesium forms a key complex with ATP and, in so doing, supports efficient energy metabolism and protein synthesis.

That’s nice, but I’m guessing you may be more interested in knowing more about the relationship between magnesium and testosterone.

Several studies suggest supplementing with magnesium may increase testosterone.

The results of one study are particularly interesting. The study involved a group of male tae kwon do fighters and the results suggest supplementing with magnesium may offer superior benefits when used alongside exercise. []


Zinc is a very common ingredient in testosterone boosting formulations and it’s got more credibility than most.

In fact, some people believe the reputation oysters have as an aphrodisiac could be due to their natural abundance of this important mineral.

There are plenty of studies that support the use of zinc as a testosterone booster. However, several of them suggest it offers the most value to people who are not getting enough zinc from their food.

The researchers conducting one study wanted to explore the way zinc affects testosterone and thyroid hormone levels during exercise. They enlisted the help of 10 male wrestlers and gave them zinc sulphate by mouth. The study ran for four weeks.

The results of the study show exercising to exhaustion can severely reduce testosterone levels. They show exercise reduces thyroid hormone levels as well. More importantly, the research data suggests supplementing with zinc may prevent this from happening. (


Testofen is a brand of fenugreek extract. It comes from the plant’s seeds.

Fenugreek is a herb that has a long history of medicinal and culinary use. As you may be aware, it’s a key ingredient in curry. It’s also a good source of iron. A single tablespoon of whole fenugreek seeds provides enough iron to cover 20% of your body’s daily requirement.

Women sometimes use fenugreek to increase breast milk production. The main reason men use it is to boost testosterone. Does it work? Some studies suggest it may, but further research is required.

For one eight-week study, the researchers gave 30 men 500 mg of fenugreek extract per day. They then monitored how the men’s testosterone levels responded to four weightlifting sessions per week.

The men in the control group showed a slight decline in testosterone. The men in the fenugreek group showed a slight increase. This was accompanied by a 2% decrease in body fat. Perhaps this is not surprising though, bearing in mind the relationship between testosterone and fat burning. (

So why use Testofen in place of a basic fenugreek extract? Because it’s standardized for consistent potency.

Ageless Male Dosage and Usage Guidelines

Now you know what’s under the hood. The next thing to look at is how to use the product.

There’s nothing complicated going on. You take one tablet, twice per day. That’s one tablet each morning and another during the evening.

You can take the tablets with or without food, the choice is yours, but it’s probably best to take them with plenty of water and don’t be tempted to chew. A lot of men say the pills have an unpleasant taste.

Ageless Male Customer Reviews

Amazon is the main source of customer reviews.  The feedback suggests Ageless Male appears to help slightly more men than it lets down. Did you notice I’ve underlined the word “appears”? I had a good reason for that.

When I did a customer review analysis using the Fakespot analysis engine, the results show there is a high rate of deception involved. According to Fakespot, only 26.7% of customer reviews are likely to be reliable.

Ageless Male Fakespot rating
Ageless Male Fakespot rating

So, although lots of men appear to be saying the pills do what they are supposed to do and get the job done, I remain skeptical. You may want to do the same.

Ageless Male Side Effects

Do the pills cause side effects? Some negative customer reviews suggest side effects may be an issue for some men. A few of the side effects certain men report send a shiver down my spine.

Some of the side effects that some users have with Ageless male
Ageless Male side effects

In all fairness to NAC, I need to point out such reactions appear to be very rare.

Nevertheless, If you are considering taking Ageless Male testosterone booster I think it would be a good idea to check with your doctor first and see if they think it’s okay.  When it comes to your health, there is no substitute for expert medical advice.

Does Ageless Male Work?

That’s the million-dollar question: is Ageless Male a testosterone booster that works? Customer reviews appear to show it’s helped some men in the past, but how reliable are they?

The formulation certainly contains ingredients that may help it to do the things it’s supposed to do. But so do many competing products and a lot of them contain additional testosterone boosters as well.

Should you buy Ageless Male? That’s a decision you will need to make by yourself.

However, don’t go hitting the buy button too soon. Some of the side effects a few men report are quite disconcerting.

I recommend you go and have a chat with your doctor first and take a copy of the ingredient profile along.  I know I’ve said this before, but there really is no substitute for expert medical advice.

Ageless Male Buying Options and Considerations

You can buy Ageless Male directly from the New Vitality website at a cost of around $50 per bottle with shipping charges on top.

Each bottle is good for a month so, as far as the price goes, Ageless Male isn’t that bad. It’s actually a little cheaper than many competing products.

However, if you want to get the best deal, the New Vitality website is not the way to go.

You can buy Ageless Male from a number of online stores. Buying from any of them will get you more bang for the buck, but Amazon generally puts most of them to shame. At the time of this review, the Amazon price was just $21 per bottle.

Other Similar Testosterone Boosters to Ageless Male

Ageless Male After-Sales Service and Guarantee

Contacting the New Vitality customer services department is easy. An email address and telephone number are available on the company website’s contact page. There’s a New York mailing address as well.

That’s good. It’s nice to see the company don’t just take the money and run. However, the money-back guarantee could be a lot better. It’s only 30 days. Some of the best testosterone boosters have guarantees that are twice as long as that.

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