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People across the world are bridging the genealogical gap through the application of molecular genealogy.  For instance, many men with similar Y-DNA and the same surname have learned they share a common paternal ancestor in the recent past. 

In general, the closer the match in Y-DNA marker values, the more recently your common ancestor may have lived. By comparing pedigrees and locations, individuals may be able to identify additional common ancestors and family relationships – including living relatives.

Even if a connection is not obvious, the ancestral data of matching individuals may provide important information about your own ancestry.

Please take full advantage of the resources on this site in conducting your own family search, or simply start Searching the Y-Database

We invite you to become a part of the SMGF project by submitting a DNA sample and genealogy.  We also hope you become a long-term visitor to the SMGF website as we build the genetic family tree one branch at a time. 

For additional help, please see the Links page, or you might consider joining a Surname or Geographical DNA project.  Surname projects are managed by dedicated administrators and coordinators who can help make molecular genealogy work for you.

You can search for surname projects through the resources at:

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